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Coding Course 
Become an innovative creator

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Our Coding Program has been designed connecting with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) EDUCATION that set the foundation for your child's future in CS, Engineering, math, robotics and more.

Our Program

Unplugged & Plugged
Robot coding

Educational Program Language (EPL)
  • Unplugged Activity: Play-based activity allowing children to learn principles and algorithms of CS without a PC or smart device. 

  • Children learn through fun activities, such as following a instructions to carry out a mission.

  • Using educational robots allows children to apply and develop computational and logical thinking, and problem solving skills. 

  • Using block coding and computer language, children will create and program their own projects. 

  • physical coding allows programs and the real world to interact with each other. 

pocket turtle image.jpg

Pocket Turtle

Scratch jr imag_1.jpg

Scratch JR

Age SpecificCurriculum


◎ Kinder Curriculum (Age 4~)
Using block-based coding program and interesting coding aids is supported children to become familiar and understand the principles of coding. 
Program : Scratch Jr
Robot: Cubetto, Code & Go, Ozobot, Beebot, Cubroid

◎ Primary school  (Year 1~Year 3)
The basic training of the block-based program language solves the mission given at each stage, while learning the structure and principles for sequential, selective, and repetitive tasks.
Program: Scratch Jr, Scratch, Entry
Robot: Cubetto, Ozobot, Cubroid, Little Bits, Arduino, Offline Coding Board Games

◎ Primary school (Year 4~)
In addition to basic training in block-type language, we provide in-depth training to learn the concepts of advanced blocks such as variables, operators, and events.
Program: Scratch, entry, text-based coding
Diocese: Little Bits, Arduino, Cubroid

Excited Children in Science Class


Robot Coding

Along with ARTIBIO, CUBROID has made coding easily accessible with easy-to-use and straightforward coding platforms and apps for smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

1) Scratch Block (Simplified Computational Coding)
Artibo’s block coding platform has similar features with Scratch. It is intuitive and easy for everyone to code using the drag-and-drop block system function.

2) Python (Text Coding)
Python programming with Artibo is available for advanced youngsters who want to take their programming skills to the next level.

ARTIBO can be a great friend for children as it helps them develop skills needed to make them future-ready. Apart from the coding skills, ARTIBO teaches cognitive life skills like problem solving, creativity, logical thinking, and gives a sense of accomplishment. 


"This will teach children all over the world the basics of programming away from the screen"

Randi Zuckerberg

CEO Zuckerberg Media


This is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming. Exploring various robots stimulates children's interest, promoting their computational and logical thinking, and problem solving skills. 

Boy with DIY Robot
Kids in Technology Class


Among global IT leaders, there is a common emphasis existing that countries should focus on software education.

 Future technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (Being a network of physical objects, or things, where sensors, software and various other technologies are embedded into devices and systems to exchange data, using the internet).

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